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Pheromone: Boundless Seduction

  • Boundless Seduction is:

    • The most complex pheromone elixir from our Pheromone Alchemy Collection
    • Specially blended to work in alchemy with your own pheromones to inspire desires and passions across the gender spectrum 
    • A pheromone elixir for enhancing your natural aura of sexual attractiveness
    • Fantastic for sexual meditation and/or Orgasmic Manifestation practice
    • Packaged in a discreet label-less 3.5ml rollerball bottle
    • Pheromones ship for free 


    Pheromones are the human attraction chemicals naturally produced by our bodies. These biochemical messengers are subconsciously detected through our sense of smell and play a powerful role in how we respond to each other.


    Single pheromone blending is complex alchemy, and getting the balance right is a very delicate process. After lots of market research, trial and error, and personal experience, we decided to source this proprietary formula using only the finest laboratory-grade alpha and beta androstenol and other secret ingredients from a small indie-perfumer workshop located in Amherst, MA. 

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