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Pheromone: Social Seduction

  • Social Seduction is:

    • Suitable for all genders and gender expressions
    • A pheromone elixir for enhancing your charisma
    • Fantastic for social gatherings
    • Known as "Social Rescue" for Introverts
    • Packaged in a discreet label-less 3.5ml rollerball bottle
    • Pheromones ship for free


    Pheromones are the human attraction chemicals naturally produced by our bodies. These biochemical messengers are subconsciously detected through our sense of smell and play an influential role in how we respond to each other.


    Single pheromone blending is complex alchemy, and getting the balance right is a very delicate process. After lots of market research, trial and error, and personal experience, we decided to source this proprietary formula using only the finest laboratory-grade alpha and beta androstenol and other secret ingredients from a small indie-perfumer workshop located in Amherst, MA. 

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