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Care Instructions 

Wanna do it right? Hand wash
We know it’s a drag, but it's the surest way to make your lingerie last.


  1. Soak with a delicate detergent or lingerie wash for a few minutes, working suds gently into the fabric, and rinse thoroughly.

  2. Press against a towel to remove excess water.

  3. Hang to dry.


In a rush? Machine wash
We get you're busy, the next best option is to machine wash in a laundry bag.


  1. Secure intimates in your laundry bag, don’t forget to hook your bras together!

  2. Gentle Cycle - cold.

  3. Hang to dry (Heat from the dryer breaks down the elastic and spandex, making them fall apart sooner, yes even low heat).

For more details check out Refinery 29's how-to article.

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